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Malnutrition in Syria remains a major issue, especially among pregnant women, new-borns, infants and young children. Low food security in the country has put pregnant and breastfeeding women at high risk, increasing the rate of birth defects among new-borns and stunting childhood development.

HIHFAD has been running a holistic nutrition program targeting young children under five years old since 2015. We are addressing nutritional gaps through preventative and curative practices with a focus on both indigenous and IDP communities who are living in unstable conditions with limited income. Our nutrition program also targets pregnant and lactating women.

Integration with Health Program:

HIHFAD’s nutrition services have been integrated into our health network. Our primary health centres and our maternity and paediatric hospitals offer the nutrition program as part of their care.


In 2018 nutrition activities have been integrated in four primary health centres, two mobile units, and two maternity and children hospitals with 36 staff members (Nutrition Workers) providing nutrition services based on approved international standards.

Pregnant and lactating women and children under 5 years old are routinely screened for malnutrition and counselling is provided for mothers to improve breastfeeding practices according to UNICEF recommendations. In December HIHFAD received donations from a UK-based Need Street Food with large quantities of nutrition supplies.

These supplies will help HIHFAD and other agencies work with Syrians to provide needed supplies and increase the prevention of acute malnutrition among pregnant women in camps.

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