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Midwives Save Lives

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After over seven years of civil war, the healthcare system in Syria is decimated. Facilities have been systematically destroyed in targeted attacks and many qualified medical staff have been forced to flee abroad.

Before the war, 96% of women in Syria gave birth with a qualified midwife in attendance. WHO now estimates that 41% of General Hospitals don’t have a midwife on staff. Shelling, roadblocks and safety concerns make it difficult for people to move freely, so even where hospitals are available, pregnant women often can’t get to them, leaving them forced to give birth at home. In many instances ‘home’ is a tent or other makeshift accommodation. In these situations, mobile, qualified midwives save lives.

HIHFAD is training 80 students to be midwives at the Atmeh Midwife School to help ensure women in Syria are supported through labour by qualified professionals. But due to a lack of funding, we are facing closure. If we don’t raise the money needed now, students like Crystal will not be able to complete the training they need to save the lives of Syrian mothers and their babies – mothers like her friend Amira*. Crystal told us:

Baby - Midwives Save Lives
Midwives Save Lives
“My dearest friend and neighbour, Amira, was pregnant and went into labour during an air raid. It was too dangerous to move her to the hospital, so her family called for a midwife. We waited through the night, as the airstrikes fell, praying for good news in the middle of war. But it was not to be. When morning came, we found out that Amira had died, leaving her newborn son without a mother.

Amira died as the midwife had no proper training or qualification. I vowed I would honour Amira’s memory by saving others from her terrible fate, so I signed up for the three-year training programme at Atmeh Hospital Midwife School. I am in my second year now and close to reaching my dreams. But now the university is threatened with closure due to lack of funding.”

Please contribute to our crowdfunder to keep the school open, so that Crystal and her fellow students can save women like Amira. Your contributions will enable us to keep Atmeh Hospital Midwife School open for six months, providing tuition to 80 students, including practical training and personalised support to enable them to complete their life-saving studies.

Baby - Midwives Save Lives
Midwives Save Lives
If we do not meet our crowdfunding targets for this campaign, Atmeh Hospital Midwife School will have to close. Not only will your contribution make labour safer for women and children in Syria, it will also provide livelihoods and purpose to young women like Crystal, whose own lives have been devastated by war. HIHFAD is honoured to be in receipt of grants from some major institutional and government donors. However, these funds are restricted to specific projects and cannot be used for the midwifery programme.

Please contribute to the crowdfunder and share it widely with your social networks so that we can achieve our goal.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.


We need to raise £59,963 to keep Atmeh Midwife School open. The breakdown of the project is as follows:
Staff and Other Personnel Costs: £37,125
Supplies, Commodities and Materials: £6,487
General Operating and Other Direct Costs: £10,125
Partner Core Costs: £5,373
Exchange rate, bank transfer and credit card fees: £852
TOTAL: £59,963

How your contributions could help:

£15 could buy a uniform for a student midwife.
£20 could buy all equipment and materials for a student midwife for six months.
£50 could provide accommodation for a student midwife attending from outside the area for three months.
£100 could buy all equipment and materials for five student midwives for six months.
£250 could provide all equipment and materials for the entire school for one month.
£600 could provide a specialist teacher for one month.

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