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About Us

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHFAD) (previously Hand in Hand for Syria) is a UK registered Syria charity that has been at the forefront of providing humanitarian aid in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in 2011.

Established by a group of British-Syrians, looking for how to help Syria, the charity has grown to become one of the leading humanitarian actors serving Syrian communities in Syria and neighbouring countries.

Today Hand in Hand for Aid and Development Syria Charity employs more than 700 members of staff, including over 600 members on the ground in Syria.

We have two operational offices in Turkey, as well as an international presence in Germany, London and Birmingham and Nottingham.

What we do

Our extensive network of staff working on the ground in Syria means we are able to work in some of the hardest-hit areas, where we provide life-saving humanitarian aid.

What we do goes beyond short-term emergency provision. The crisis has led to catastrophic destruction of the country’s infrastructure - medical, educational, and economic. We look at how to help Syrian communities regain the dignity to be able to rebuild their own lives. We work on long-term projects to help Syria rebuild the country’s decimated infrastructure. We support families to improve their quality of life, to develop the new skills needed to recover from this disastrous situation, to create opportunities and to work with them towards sustainable livelihoods with a focus on the most vulnerable, Syria’s children, the disabled, elderly and female headed households.

How does HiHFAD work?


HIHFAD’s have teams inside Syria carrying out regular needs assessments to determine how to help Syria most effectively. We plan, priorities and implement projects according to identified needs. Our aim is to help Syria targeting the most vulnerable, regardless of their religion, ideology or political stand.


Almost all of HIHFAD’s staff, trustees and consultants are Syrian. Our large resident teams inside Syria understand the needs of stakeholders and the contexts in which we operate. They work with local communities to determine how to help Syria find solutions to the devastating situation inside the country.


HIHFAD acknowledges that, even as a Syria Charity, we cannot save Syria alone. This is a crisis that needs the input and support of all. We have partnerships in place with international non-governmental organisations whereby we implement projects on their behalf, as well as receiving direct funds from UN and government agencies.


We have a gender-balanced and well-trained MEAL team, focused on measuring impacts. For all projects the team conducts a needs assessment and, for the majority, project evaluation and impact evaluations. We engage directly with beneficiaries as well as conducting key informant interview amongst stakeholders (local administrative authorities / community representative) to collate feedback and recommendations. We present our lessons learned at cluster meetings in order to inform other agencies.

With teams in the UK, Turkey and Syria, the communication and the media team coordinate their work across multiple locations to produce and disseminate high quality multi-media products in English, Arabic and Turkish, feeding into our own media channels as well as providing content for international media agencies.

Dedicated to saving lives and rebuilding communities inside Syria; we go where the need is.
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